Wednesday, January 23, 2008

College Gameday: Gainesville

With all the upsets in the past week, College Basketball is definitely underway. Unless your interested in what type of footwear Tom Brady is wearing today, NCAA basketball has the spotlight all to itself.
ESPN tipped off Saturday morning with its premiere college basketball show, College Gameday. The Site was the home of reigning back to back champions Florida Gators. It may have not been quite a marquee matchup, neither the Gators or Kentucky came in ranked, but nevertheless, it was a great game won by the Gators in overtime.

The highlight of the weekend wasn't the game, but Tim Tebow's presence around campus. At halftime of the game, Tebow was center court with his Heisman Trophy thanking the University of Florida for all there support. Saturday also happened to be a major recruiting visit for Florida's football team. What a recruiting tool. You have Urban Myer with his championship ring and Tebow with his Heisman showing recruits around the beautiful Gainesville campus.

Throw in ESPN College Gameday, Erin Andrews, and the Rowdy Reptiles chanting "Come to Florida," and I'm guessing all these recruits gave their verbal commitments on the spot. Hell, I'll pimp Tebow and the Gators. He's a freak of nature and a great guy on top of that. Here's to back to back Heismans in '08.

By the way, if you have a son or ever do have a boy, to him a favor: make sure he goes to college in Gainesville. Trust me, the kid will thank you for it someday.
How you know that you might be partying with minors: Guy asks you if you want a Red Bull and Vodka? Sure! And he hands you a bottle a vodka and a can of Red Bull and tells you to take a swig and swish it around in your mouth. MMMM! Tasty!
This weekend? Another matchup of unranked teams in BFE Carbondale, Illinois for Creighton (you lost to Drake at home!) at Southern Illinois.
Here's a video with Erin Andrews interviewing Tebow. College Gameday opened with Tebow giving a pep talk to Rece, Hubert, Jay and of course Digger. Pretty hilarious!


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