Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NCAA Hoops College Gameday

In case you're wondering my schedule for the next 8 weeks...
ESPN College Gameday for basketball tips of this weekend in Gainesville, home of the back to back champion Florida Gators. Yeah, Billy Donovan has a whole new squad, but I have no problem going to Gainesville.
College Gameday airs every Saturday for the next 8 weeks at 11am(est) and 8pm(est). Hoops Gameday is picking up momentum and is very similar to its sister show for college football. The show is very informative with lots of energy and school spirit.

1/19 Kentucky @ Florida
1/26 Creighton @ Southern Illinois
2/2 Arizona @ UCLA
2/9 Georgetown @ Louisville
2/16 Michigan St. @ Indiana
2/23 Tennessee @ Memphis
3/1 Kansas St. @ Kansas
3/8 North Carolina @ Duke


Dirtylaundry said...

Hmmm....No word on this Tony Sporano dude from you yet. Is he the 2nd coming of the Tuna?

Mac G said...

Too early for a Swim with a Fishes joke on this little tuna guy?

Where is the visit to DC and Gtown? 2 Duke visits? Southern Illinois?

notorious DEK said...

have fun in carbondale... i guess its like throwing 21,000 students into a town the size of fremont... they used to get some pretty sweet race riots there... and who doesnt love a nice good racially motivated riot?