Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bowl Season Recap Part 2

2007 may have been the year with the biggest upsets in college football, but when all said and done, the top honor really was no surprise. I know, after the third quarter of Monday's BCS Title game, everyone who knows me was probably saying to themselves, "Freakin Tree was right!" I pimped the SEC all year and continued my support for the Big 10 being the most over rated conference.
Don't worry Big 10 fan, I've heard your complaints. The Big 10 had to play way tougher teams. Well let's see, the beginning of the season, your non conference schedule was built around teams such as Youngstown St., Florida Int, Akron, The Citadel, Eastern, Western, Central Michigans, App St, and Duke (Whoops).

So you finally get your chance for redemption and you complain you were forced to play too tough of teams. Welcome to College Football. Who did you expect to play in a bowl game? You claim the SEC played weak teams during the bowl season. Let me put this in perspective for you, the SEC finally didn't have to compete against each other. Against top 25 teams, the SEC was 4-1 in bowl games, the Big 10 1-3. The lone bright spot and the best thing to happen to a Big 10 team was Michigan's upset over Florida. Could you imagine if Michigan had not shown up for that game, the SEC goes 8-1! Funny, all year Michigan was looked at as the red headed step child in the Big 10, and what little, if any, respect the Big 10 gained this bowl season, came from the Wolverines. I mean, if you think going 3-5 in bowl games gains respect. What a showing by the Big 10. A squeaker by Purdue over a mean Central Michigan team and Penn St., very fortunate to escape with a victory over the "who's coaching this team today?" Texas A&M Aggies.
Congratulations LSU!

You punched Ohio St. right in the teeth and knocked out the dot on the i! Ohio St. is much starting to resemble the Buffalo Bills. The only exception was the Luckeye's title win against Miami in the Fiesta Bowl. And anyone watching that game knows how bad Miami got screwed in that game.

Other quick stats from this year's bowl season...The average margin of victory in the five BCS games was 20.0 points....Oklahoma has lost 4 of 5 BCS games....7 of 9 teams with coaching changes lost (Michigan and West Virginia were the two winners)...The ACC went 2-6, and are 1-9 overall in BCS Bowl games...And my favorite, Ohio St. is 0-9 all time against the SEC in Bowl games. Chew on that Buckeyes!
Editor's note: I previously wrote how Rich Rodriquez totally blew a championship season in Morgantown and he may be a great recruiter but he's horrible when it comes to play calling. West Virginia maybe had the most talented team in college football and maybe one of the more easier schedules, somehow wound up with two losses! An assistant coach takes over for the Fiesta Bowl, and the Mountaineers were the most exiting team during the bowl season. Boy Richie, what a waste of talent!

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Mac G said...

I am confused, what are your thoughts on the Big 10 again?

notorious DEK said...

what the fuck is up with the illini cheerleader? front row on the right... is that just a bad pic or does Illinois allow their cheerleaders to have downs?