Monday, January 14, 2008

Jaguars/Patriots:Pats Still Perfect

Jacksonville came into the game as one of the hottest teams in the NFL. A great call on 4th and 1 on the team's opening drive put the Jags in position to take an early lead. This was also the first points Belichek's Patriots have ever given up on the opening drive in the playoffs. Impressive! However, the Jaguars' defense looked soft the whole game unable to stop the Patriots once and making Tom Brady look nearly perfect. Jacksonville was unable to put pressure on Brady or force any turnovers. The Jags rarely blitzed, double teamed Randy Moss and let the other receivers run wild.
The biggest plays of the game: After Jacksonville opened the game 7-0, on the Patriots ensuing drive, they faced a fourth and 4. No surprise that Belichek would go for it, but if the Jags stop the Patriots here, the game really gets interesting and maybe Jacksonville has a legitimate shot. Of course Jacksonville plays a zone defense and somehow leaves Moss wide open for his only reception of the game (Still a huge one).
Second big play of the game: Jacksonville's second possession David Garrard is under pressure and fumbles the ball away. With great field position, the Patriots have no problem going up 14-7. So just when the Jags start the game off in the best possible situation, everything quickly crumbles and somehow the Patriots are up a TD.
That's what makes the Patriots so good. They don't beat themselves, they rarely turn the ball over and limit themselves to stupid penalties. Even when they do land a penalty, it seems to go in there favor (See the Ravens game).
Whatever happens to the New England Patriots, they can win their next 80 games, and Bill Belichek will die a grumpy old sour man. Way to live your life buddy.

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