Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Reads

Sticking with college hoops. Great venues to catch a college game.

Who was the quarterback after Bob Griese and before Dan Marino?

23 years of Air Jordans.

Check out what the NY Post thinks of the Patriots and spygate on their daily sports line.

10 biggest Super Bowl underdogs.


Dirtylaundry said...

As usual, SI gets it wrong. The 1997 (playing in the 1998 Super Bowl) were double digit underdogs to Brett Favre (at his peak) and his Packers. It was supposed to be another huge blowout won by the NFC, but the Broncos won 31-24 and Elway finally got his ring. And somehow, THAT isn't one of the biggest underdogs in Super Bowl history? What the fuck is wrong with SI? The list should be:

1. Namath's Jets
2. Brady and the Patriots against the Rams in 2001-02
3. Elway's 1st Ring

And don't include losers on that list. If you do that, then shouldn't the 1985 Patriots be on there? Fuck you SI.

Mac G said...

I agree DL as a Packer fan that loss still stings and Gbay had just demolished a 15-2 Niners team in SF for the NFC title.

Tree, Where is the Saluki Poon? I have been waiting all week. Stop Surfing every NY Sports site for 30 minutes and post some poon.