Monday, January 14, 2008

Giants/Cowboys:One and Done in Big D

Talk about saving the best for last! I don't even know where to begin on this one. Easily, the biggest play of the game was the Giants' touchdown drive with 47 seconds left in the half. Dallas had just put together a 90 yard TD drive taking over ten minutes off the clock. The drive gave the Cowboys their first lead of the day, 14-0. How do you let Eli Manning put together a TD drive with under 50 seconds to play? So right there you can't blame Tony Romo. You blame the entire team! The defense, Romo, T.O. (failed to catch a pass in the second half), and the offensive line giving Romo no protection whatsoever.
This game really wasn't a surprise.

I mean Dallas hasn't looked good since the first half of the Green Bay game over a month ago. Dallas started the season 12-1, but limped in the playoffs 1-3. In any sport, it is nearly impossible to beat the same team three times in a row in one season. Oh, and also the fact that Wade (I've inherited every talented team I've coached) Phillips is now 0-4 in the playoffs. There was talk about Phillips being fired if he didn't win this game. Why not? Mary Schottenheimer was fired after a 14-2 record! Brian Billick was 13-3 with the Ravens last year and he was canned following this season.
What about T.O. doinig his best Hillary Clinton impression? What the hell was that?

Was T.O. tying to not make himself look bad and steer the blame from him? Maybe T.O. really does have some mental issues, like being bipolar. This is the same guy who is notorious for throwing his QB under the bus, see Jeff Garcia, Donavon McNabb, Drew Bledsoe. The Cowboys loss wasn't completely Romo's fault, but he did set himself up for this and put the bull's eye on his head.

Romo did have great support from his running game, so you would think the Giants' secondary would be on their heels. Also note that Romo was going against an injured secondary. In the Cowboys' last two playoff games, they've lost on the last play with the ball in Tony Romo's hands.

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