Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Idol in Omaha

I normally would not write about American Idol, but since the auditions are hilarious and last nights episode featured my home state, Nebraska, I couldn't resist. Why would AI go to Omaha? I could have saved them the trip. All you need to do is watch the first minute of this video and you can see what Omaha is all about, corn, rolling fields, and yes more corn. As for the talent, or lack there of, it was horrendous! The first guy was gayer than Waylon Smithers! As a matter of fact, I think half of the auditions they showed featured homosexuals. Since the first guy was flat out horrible, he was still able to make his dream come true by asking to audition for another AI job, hosting the red carpet finale for the local Fox network. Simon you let me down. How can you give this loser who's only looking for camera time any kind of chance?

The second guy was from Stout, Iowa, home of 500 people (this seemed to be the theme of the night, small town), stared into space as he could not remember the lyrics after one line. However Simon, let this loser through to Hollywood. Simon, you're letting me down. The third audition happened to sum up Nebraska women, an arm wrestling champion! If that wasn't enough and you were still tuned in for the pro wrestler chick. Yikes! Way to represent Nebraska and reinforce every stereotype the rest of the world has of the Cornhusker State.
Overall, I think 19 people passed through to Hollywood. I don't think anyone was actually from Nebraska. I know the first person with any kind of talent was from Los Angeles.

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