Tuesday, January 22, 2008

18 and Oh!

Real quick on the Chargers/Patriots. Phillip Rivers should not have started that game. I know, it's the AFC Championship Game, Phillip Rivers likes to talk trash, and he have a gutsy performance, but I believe the injured Rivers never gave the Chargers the chance to win this game. In the red zone 3 times and come away with three field goals, not gonna beat the Pats that way. Rivers couldn't make any plays with his feet. Every time he was under pressure, he couldn't scramble out of the pocket so he was forced to throw the ball away or make horrible passes. It finally caught up to Rivers at the end of the first half when he threw two INT's. Billy Volek should have been named the starter the whole week prior to this game. It brings less confusion to the team and gives you a better chance to win. And hey, Volek's not a bad QB.

I you ask me, Lawrence Maroney is the MVP of this team. He may be the best back in the league. You really can't say that Maroney has carried this team, but he has come up with huge plays for the Patriots in the playoffs. He's the main reason why Tom Brady can complete 26-28 passes; he's the reason why the Patriots can run out the clock with 11 plus minutes to play in the game. Sick! What we've learned about Maroney in the playoffs is that he's not just an up and down bruising runner, this guy is stiff arming and making nasty spin moves on opponents like it was Madden football.
Answer me this, how is Wes Welker always open? I mean the guy only runs one route. All he does is run a quick slant in the middle of the field. Keep a linebacker planted in that area!

It's absolutely amazing that the Patriots are still undefeated. In this day and age of the NFL. All the talk about the NFL is how great it is because of the parity giving any team the chance to win. That's not to say the Patriots have had a few very close calls and scandal. The whole spygate and asterisk thing hasn't been blown up to that big of deal because it was against a horrible team, the Jets. If that game from week 1 was decided by a TD or less, maybe spygate takes away from what this team has accomplished.
The Patriots have had plenty of luck along the way. I mean the Monday Night Game against the Ravens.

Stopped once on 4th down because the opposing team's coach calls a timeout. And then stopped again but the Pats get away with it because there own player is offsides. If that's not enough, the pass interference call on 4th down! Wow! How many opportunities can one team get. Even when New England makes a mistake, it benefits them. I keep waiting for their luck to run out and if that doesn't happen, one thing that is universal, cheaters never win!