Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Former Phins Flourish

While watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, the same thing continued to catch my attention. No, it wasn't whether Tom Brady would throw an incomplete pass or if Jessica Simpson was in attendance for the Cowboys' collapse, it was watching former Dolphins contribute big for their new teams. Wes Welker and Junior Seau continue to be huge factors for the Patriots success. The Patriots acquired both these studs from division rival Miami for next to nothing.

Also, Chris Chambers caught a huge TD reception for the Chargers on their way upsetting the Colts. Chambers was the main reason the Dolphins drafted Chambers' "boy" Ted Ginn Jr.
So you can see how grateful Phins' fans everywhere are that Randy Mueller was canned last December. How do you give away stud players for nothing in return?
Every NFL team as at least 3 or 4 Pro Bowl caliber players.

Smart front offices (See Patriots) take advantage of dismal teams by picking up veteran studs for nothing. How do the Patriots get the 49ers first round pick? The Raiders dropped? Charles Woodson to Green Bay and Randy Moss to the Pats. Isn't this blatant highway robbery?

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