Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Giant Victory

If you were not at home in front of the TV, at a sports bar, or at a championship day party, you don't like football, you probably don't like me and there's no way you're reading this. With that being said, You suck along with your miserable boring life. Sunday's two championship games were better than Super Bowl Sunday. You get 2 great games back to back, so of course it's better than the one over hyped Super Bowl game. (This year maybe an exception.)

What better setting for the NFC Championship Game than the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field! Freezing cold weather, a mix of flurries, and hard hitting trash talking football. And yes, The New York Football Giants with little Manning vs. Old Man Winter, Bret Farve and the Green Bay Packers. The only that could hurt this game would be the referees. Yes, the refs seemed to be taking control of this game with bad calls that seemingly affected the outcome. To start the 3rd quarter, the Packers seemed to stop the Giants on third down. I'm not even quite sure what the call was, but the Giants were the awarded a first down and went on to score. On the ensuing drive, the Packers failed to convert a third down, but of course, a yellow flag laid on the field. Sam Madison was involved in some kind of skirmish away from the ball. Even the commentators saw no reason for the flag and maybe the refs should just let the teams play.

I mean, this is for the Super Bowl and emotions are at an all time high. Editors note: Sam Madison is a former Dolphin CB who was known for bonehead plays similar to this one. I believe Trick Daddy sported a Madison jersey on one of his CD covers. "Baby cuz I'm a Thug."
Another question, is Plaxico Burress really this great or is Al Harris completely overrated? Burress quieted a lot of critics with the game of his life. The only setback was the dropped pass inside the 5 yard line, though it would have been a remarkable catch, Burress seemed to be catching everything thrown his way.
The 4th quarter brought more bizarre plays and seemed that luck was riding on the Green Bay's side. First, there was the INT by R.W. McQuarters that may have sealed the deal but McQuarters fumble the ball on the return. Packers get another shot and tie the game. From there on, it was pretty much all Eli and the Giants. Between Green Bay's play calling and Farve's carelessness, the Pack never had a chance. They practically abandoned the run game and the Giants defense could just play against the pass and read Farve's mistakes.
The Giants outplayed the Packers and owned the second half but still needed an extra session to win. The Giants kept the Packers in the game with missed opportunities.

A couple of missed field goals and a great run by Ahmad Bradshaw called back for holding gave the home team a chance. But with the Packers being one dimensional at this time, they didn't deserve to win.
Watch out for The New York Football Giants!

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