Monday, April 28, 2008

Every Guy's Dream Come True....X 26!!!!!!!!!

Deal...or no deal?

I rarely watch Deal or No Deal. But my girlfriend loves the show. So I know the gist of it; laugh at some poor, energetic, unsuspected contestant who eventually is offered a huge sum of money (usually a 6 figure amount), turns it down and then settles for an embarrassing amount, Howie Mandel is the host, and the incredible models!

You talk about maybe the easiest job ever! Walk down a couple of stairs and stand in one place for maybe 1 minute, no longer than an hour, holding a brief case smiling and looking soooo hot!

Hell, I even know most of the models' first names!

Last night's show caught my attention in a huge way.

First off, I've always been a big fan of Star Wars (Though Episode I lost a lot of credibility for the Saga).

Last night on Deal or No Deal happened to be their Star Wars Special.

The first half of the show, the models were replaced by Stormtroopers. No sexy models, but I thought the twist with 26 Stormtroopers was pretty creative. Not to mention Carrie Fisher was a guest on the show.

Even the always evil banker was played by Darth Vader.

But the second half......Oh! May the Force be with us all!

As any real guy knows, deep down inside, each and every one of us has always had a fantasy of hooking up with Princess Leia in her slave (Yes, Slave!) costume from Return of the Jedi.

This male fantasy was even featured on Friends. If Jennifer Aniston in this outfit wasn't enough.

Yes! 26, yeah that's right! 26 models appeared dressed as Princess Leia!!!!

The producers of Deal or No Deal should all be praised and raised up and carry through the streets.


Friday, April 25, 2008

The Jason Taylor Dilemma

Rumors going around about the Dolphins potentially trading Jason Taylor for a Number one draft pick.
First off, Big Tuna said a couple of months ago Taylor would be a Dolphin next year.
Having said this, what's really surprising to me is the fact that Parcells allowed Taylor to perform on "Dancing With the Stars."

I mean Jason Taylor is the best player on the Miami Dolphins. Tuna's the type of coach who would never let his best player, any player for that matter, compete in such a ridiculous competition which could easily lead to an embarrassing off field injury. Wouldn't you think there's something in Taylor's contract that would bar this type of action?

John Clayton reports that with Taylor's age and contract, no team would give Miami anything higher than a third round pick. No way you trade JT for a third round pick! You better get at least a first rounder and multiple picks.

Let me guess, Miami trades Taylor to the Patriots. Great! Give the Pats another one of your few quality players.

Also, Taylor has rumored to have quietly requested a trade.
Something's not right here. If your putting the word out that you would trade Taylor, I really think Taylor would have a hard time putting on a Phins uniform next year. The Phins were horrible last year, and probably don't have a shot of contending for a couple of years. Why wouldn't Taylor want out now?

The Dolphins are thinking if they trade Taylor, they can secure another high draft pick and maybe get a quarterback like Michigan's Chad Henne or Delaware's Joe Flacco.

I love Jason Taylor. He's been a true Phin since day one. Don't do him like this!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Texans Cheerleader Tryouts

Ahh...Springtime. Which of course means College Football Spring Games, the NFL Draft and...Cheerleader tryouts!

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders, one of the few bright spots of the team, held auditions for the 2008 season.

Someone was fortunate enough to have the great (and tough) honor of selecting the 35 best.

Talk about being the judge of talent.

Couldn't be there to enjoy the show? Don't worry ABC 13 Eyewitness News in Houston has you covered with plenty of pictures and video.

What? The Rockets are on right now?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eli Enjoying the Off Season

In the last three months, Eli Manning has escaped his older brother's shadow, been attending prime time college basketball games (UNC/Duke), got married, and now is seen honeymooning in Mexico with his hot ass wife.

Life is Goooood!

Maybe Tony Romo should be taking notes from a Super Bowl MVP.

You probably shouldn't jet off to Mexico with your vixen in the middle crunch time, i.e. right before the playoffs.

Belichick, YOU CHEATED!!!!

Just when you thought Spygate was over and Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots would sneak their way out of this........Hold everything.

Former Patriots assistant Matt Walsh will now meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the Patriots' videotaping of opposing teams.

Like I always said, Cheaters never win! And when you cheat in the public eye, in such a popular business, it will all come back to bite you in the ass harder than an anaconda on Jackass.

This might be the funniest thing I've seen all year, other than the New York Football Giants stickin it to Belicheat and the Patriots harder than Eliot Spitzer to the 4K Girl.

Freakin Hilarity!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Same Old Tune


I know it's only 2-0, but come on, the Rockets will be swept by the Utah Jazz in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Not much of a prediction considering the Jazz are nearly unbeatable at home, losing only 4 games this year. One of the four losses happened to be by the Houston Rockets way back on Nov 1. Tracy McGrady had 47 points.

With all that being said, and T-Mac looking at his 7th career first round exit, you cannot! this year's defeat on McGrady.

First off, the Rockets have been playing most of the second half of the season without All Star Center Yao Ming. Rafer Alston has also missed the first two games of the series.

With Yao out, T-Mac did a brilliant overachieving job willing his team into the Playoffs as a 4 seed in what maybe one of the best season a conference has had all time. And lest we forget the 22 game winning streak the Rockets had this year.

Look at this Rockets' team, they're really not that good. How they made the playoffs in the Western Conference is amazing. If you haven't paid close attention to Houston, who else is on their roster? The only other person you could think of is maybe Dikembe Mutumbo. Dikembe Mutumbo! He's like 62! Mutumbo was brought in as a role player and averaged almost 16 minutes, 3 points and 5.1 rebounds a game. A lot of help.
Shane Battier has played great. He's always been known for his defense, but he really provided an offensive spark on a team needing it so much.

The rest of the roster, Bobby Jackson, rookie Luis Scola (had it not been for Kevin Durant, he'd be the rookie of the year), Luther Head, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry, rookie Aaron Brooks (should develop into a decent NBA player).

You talk about overachieving!

Yeah, so in the fourth quarter of the first two games, T-Mac is 0-7 with one point. Like I said, McGrady is pretty much the only scoring threat on the entire team. He's had to shoulder the load while Jerry Sloan has constantly double and tripled teamed McGrady. T-Mac still lead his team in points, rebounds and assists last night and was an assist away from the a triple double. The Rockets have no other options.

A key moment in last night's game came with the Rockets down 3 with about 45 seconds left to play. Bobby Jackson hit a wide open 3 (the assist my T-Mac would have given him his triple double) to seemingly tie the game. However a late whistle on Luis Scola nullified the dramatic play. Are you kidding me! This is the NBA Playoffs, you let the players decide the game, especially at a crucial moment in a crucial game. Scola tapped Andre Kirilenko and AK-47 did a brilliant acting job.

Watch the play (at about the 1:10 mark) and notice the referee watching T-Mac's feet to see if he were behind the line and then blows the whistle after seeing Kirilenko's reaction.

Anyways, come playoff time, you win games with free throw shooting and a solid bench.
The Rockets lost Game 1 93-82 and shot 62% from the line.
In last nights 90-84 loss, Houston shot 62%.
If there's anything we've learned from the college game, um Memphis, free throw shooting is the biggest key in the big games.
If the Rockets shoot 75-80%, they probably win both games.

Not to take away anything from Jerry Sloan and the Utah Jazz, they are a real nice team. I could see this team go to the Finals and even win the whole lot.
The Jazz lost at home by 6 points to the Celtics by 6. And about a month ago Utah smoked the Celtics in Boston 110-92.

Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer are already being compared to Stockton and Malone. They have great role players in AK-47, Kyle Korver, Mehmet Okur and Matt Harpring. Williams is one of the best point guards in the game. The West is loaded with PG's; Chris Paul (My MVP), Tony Parker, Steve Nash and even Jason Kidd.

If Utah can sneak a game on the road, and they easily can, you're not gonna beat them at home. Maybe Jerry Sloan finally wins his first NBA Championship as a coach.

Dolphins to Select Jake Long With 1st Pick

With the NFL draft still a few days away, the Miami Dolphins have announced they'll select Michigan Offensive Tackle Jake Long.

This puts to end any speculation the Phins would rebuild with a defensive selection, a franchise quarterback, or trade the No. 1 pick.

With little to no talent found anywhere on the entire team, (they're best player can be seen on "Dancing with the Stars") the Dolphins will start to rebuild in the trenches where the game is often won.

This marks the second year in a row the Dolphins will pass on a possible franchise QB. We'll have to wait in see if the Big Tuna made the right judgement in talent.

It looks like for now, Miami will look for second year and unproven QB Jonathan Beck to lead the team. Yikes!

A look at the Dolphins' QB's since Dan Marino's retirement.

2000 - Jay Fiedler, Damon Huard
2001 - Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas
2002 - Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, Sage Rosenfels
2003 - Jay Fiedler, Sage Rosenfels, Brian Griese
2004 - Jay Fiedler, A.J. Feeley, Sage Rosenfels
2005 - Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels
2006 - Joey Harrington, Dante Culpepper, Cleo Lemon
2007 - Trent Green, Cleo Lemon, Jonathan Beck

Here's the complete story on Miami's first overall selection.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Man Stuck in Elevator for Nearly Two Days! (Seriously)

However bad of a day you're having, it can't get much worse than this.
On the bright side, the guy received an undisclosed settlement. I'm guessing in the millions. Now that this video has surfaced, I'm sure we'll become a lot more familar with him as he'll make appearances on Letterman, the Today Show, etc.

Talk about solitary confinement.

I'm guessing the guy quit his smoking habit.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Proof The National League is Boring

You've all heard, Rockies/Padres game went 22 innings last night with the Rockies squeaking out a 2-1 nailbiter. If you actually attended this game, how in the world do you stay for the entire game. I mean the biggest loser here is the Petco Park vendors. MLB quits selling booze in the 7th inning. Think of all the lost revenue from those $8.00 beers. If you're gonna watch paint dry for the next 3 plus hours, you better be able to slug beers. Hell, if I were the President of the Padres, Petco, MLB, I would have given everyone present freeze booze after the 21st inning, including the two teams.

Boy! If this game didn't keep you on the edge of your seat...

I don't know where to start.

First off, the game was freakin scoreless after 13 innings! In fact, the first run was scored on a bases loaded walk in the 14th!

The game lasted 6 hours, 16 minutes and finished at 4:21 EST. Even the bars in NYC are closed by then. A lot of people are getting up for their morning commutes.

Heck, you could have watched 2/3 of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

There were 658 total pitches (who the hell was actually keeping count?).
42 players were used, 15 pitchers.

The catchers for both teams, Yorvit Torrealba and Josh Bard, played the entire game.

A total of 3 extra base hits.

At one point, The Rockies pitching retired 23 straight.

Willy Taveras had 10 at bats and scored both runs for the Rockies.

The Padres have now gone 94 innings without a homerun.


More Fuel to the Fire

As if this rivalry really needs anything else to heat it up, Kyle Farnsworth throws a fastball at Manny Ramirez's head.

Ramirez (the AL MVP by far), torched the Yankees for three hits, two of them no doubt about it home runs, and three RBI's. With the first pitch of the 7th inning and the Red Sox up 7-3, Farnsworth (much to the home crowds pleasure )threw a 97 mph fastball at Manny's noggin.

Some still call it questionable, with Farnsworth's inconsistent control, but maybe Joe Girardi was trying to send a message. Manny has killed the Yankees, and Mike Mussina, so far this year and he's pretty much responsible for all three of the BoSox wins over the Yanks.

So far in this young season, we've had a Fenway hawk attack a young girl named Alexa Rodriguez, the Big Papi jersey buried in the new Yankee Stadium, and know this.

The Yanks may have gotten beat last night, but at least they touched "Pap" for two runs in the ninth. Nice nickname.

Whether it was intentional or not, you can bet the Sox won't forget.

Joba's Funny

We all know how sick of a pitcher Joba Chamberlain is, but I never knew he was quite the comedian.

Last Saturday on Fox, Joba showed off his little known personality when he read the Yankees starting lineup.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Erin Andrews Not a Fan of Cell Phone Cameras

So Erin Andrews doesn't approve of cell phone cameras. Hmm...

First off, lets ask the question, Why do you think EA got her job in the first place?
a. She's a great reporter.
b. Because of her father.
c. Um, she's hot.
d. Everyone she interviews is picturing her naked.
e. b,c, and d.

OK, she may be a decent reporter, if you actually admit you pay attention to what she's saying.

But to have an article written about her popularity on the internet and then complain about being in the public eye and people constantly taking pictures of her is somewhat hypocritical.

EA, you should be thankful people love to snap photos of you and post them on the internet. Um, maybe this is a big reason why you're so uber popular.

Do you think Andrews is disappointed when she's cashing her checks?

Here's some pictures I took of EA with my cell phone camera. Enjoy!

Once Was Lost..........

Don't miss this weeks Sports Illustrated's article on Nebraska football's return glory.

While we're on the subject of Cornhusker football....
I've got my ticket for the Houstonians for Huskers Founder's Day 2008. You'll never guess what Blair High grad will be the featured speaker! Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Images of the Met's New Citi Field

I wished they would have kept it Shea Stadium, but the Mets sold out.

I wonder if Chipper Jones is disappointed and if he'll change his son's name.

Here's the new Citi Field.

Be sure to check out the video of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Yankees After Two Weeks

So after the first two weeks of the 2008 season, the Yanks are 7-7. Not bad considering their bats have been sleeping for the most part and Captain Jeter was out for 6 games (the Yankees went 2-4), missing the weekend series against the BoSox (It was Jeter's first missed game against Boston since '96).

What's surprising most people (not me) has been their starting pitching. Chien-Ming Wang is 3-0 and two hit the Red Sox at Fenway Friday night (This was exactly one year after Felix Hernandez 1 hit the Sox at Fenway). If Bobby Abreu would have jumped more than 6 inches off the ground, he would have robbed J.D. Drew of a solo shot and probably no hit the Sox.

Pettitte and Mussina have looked good. Moose pitched a good game Saturday at Boston. If it wasn't for Manny (early favorite for MVP) Ramirez and Joe Girardi's young managerial mistake, Mussina would have gotten a W. With runners on second and third, Girardi went out to talk to Moose. Mussina talked Girardi out of intentionally walking Manny, who taken Mussina deep in his previous at bat. Manny then delivered the go ahead double.

Phil Hughes had one good start against Toronto but got the loss. Sunday night Hughes got his first taste of Yankees/Red Sox rivalry and got hit up for 7 runs. Hughes had problems getting ahead of batters which was obviously his downfall. You also had to look at the fact that Hughes and Jose Molina must have been having communication problems. In the first inning, the Yanks did a pitch out and Molina made a bad throw that allowed Jacoby Ellsbury to take third. Ellsbury later scored on a wild pitch. Molina also had a passed ball/wild pitch which allowed another run. Give the Yankees bullpen credit, they only allowed one run after the third inning.

Ian Kennedy looked great against a real dangerous Tampa team until he was knocked out of the game by a line drive. Let's hope he's ok.

The one thing Girardi has brought to the Yankees that we never saw Joe Torre do is move runners over by sacrificing. Wow! There's an idea!

Game 3 against Toronto. Bottom of the 8th game tied 2-2. Melky Cabrera singles, Johnny Damon bunts and is safe at first on an error. Jeter then bunts and all of a sudden runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out. Bobby Abreu singles in the go ahead run and the Yanks win 3-2.

Last Friday at Fenway. Jose Molina doubles. Alberto Gonzalez bunts him over to 3rd and Cabrera hits a sac fly to score Molina.

Saturday at Boston. Molina and Gonzalez both single. Damon bunts them over. Cabrera hits another sac fly and Gonzalez later scores on a wild pitch.

Then Sunday night, Girardi goes against all of this.
Top of the 8th, Yankees cut the Red Sox lead to 7-5, the first two batters get on and Damon comes up with runners on 2nd and 3rd no one out. Girardi doesn't sacrafice and Damon hits into a double play. Threat over.

Already, A-Rod has failed to deliver in the clutch.
Saturday's game against Boston. 8th inning, two runners on, two outs and A-Rod up. Jon Papelbon comes in. Talk about suspense. The game is then delayed for over two hours. When play resumes, Paplebon K's A-Rod.

Sunday night, the Yanks put runners on first and second against Dice-K (Who throws a ton of pitches and has a hard time throwing strikes) with A-Rod up. And A-Rod hits into an inning ending double play. Dam!

Last night against the Rays (that still sounds silly), the Yankee bats finally awoke but their bullpen nearly blew it. Robinson Cano came off the bench to save the day with a go ahead solo shot.

So once again, the middle relief for the Yankees is questionable, showing why Joba needs to stay in the bullpen. Joba's back in Lincoln with his ailing father. Latroy Hawkins will really have to step it up.

The Rivalry resumes at Yankee Stadium Wednesay night.


The one thing that has really caught my attention today is the extracurricular activities happening on LA's major two campuses.

I'm sure by now you've heard and hopefully seen the great fundraising event by The USC Song Girls. A brilliant idea that I would much like to be a part of.

I know it's pretty much a toss up, but the UCLA Undie Run! Are you kidding me!

All this is proof that there really is a god and he wants to make sure we never get enough of Coed Poon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Idol Slowly Losing Credibility

I know, what am I doing writing about American Idol. After the audition rounds, the show really isn't worth watching. I mean first off, if any of these guys were truly talented, they wouldn't need a reality show to become a star.

With that being said, how many of the past winners have climbed the top of the mountain the show seems to always promise. It took Kelly Clarkson a couple of years to finally have a hit record, but she fell quicker than Randy Jackson's weight. Chris Daughtery is probably the most popular of all the Idol contestants, but he didn't even win. I think he was cut at the top 5! Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar, but she barely cracked the top 10. Taylor Hicks? Taylor freakin Hicks! This guy actually won the contest and was outright horrible, from his voice to his Jay Leno like appearance.

Oh, by the way, can anyone say William Hung?

The one exception is Carrie Underwood. Oh, how I love Carrie Underwood. If she had ever left the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, she would have never of needed Idol.

This season, we've heard nothing but how this is the most talented group yet, don't we hear that same plug every year? There's not one person in the top 10 I would actually pay money to see.

The reasons we watch Idol: for the auditioning rounds which are just hilarious and probably the wrong reason for anybody to watch a show; to question just how many qualudes and martinis Paula had before the show; to see the contestant with raunchy pictures on the Internet; and of course Simon. Simon is great! He makes the show. When he leaves, the show is over.

Like I said, the best singer rarely wins, or even makes the top 5. Which basically tells you the people voting are teenagers texting their votes multiple times. That explains Mr. Mohawk from last year, you know the little kid who couldn't sing, dance or remember lyrics. The producers really had to sweat that one out. You know, the kid was so bad Howard Stern was telling everyone on his radio show to vote for this kid because had he won,it would have killed Idol.

This year is David Archuleta. This guy is like 12 years old, has no personality, no stage presence, can't remember words to classic songs, and he did a Robbie freakin Williams cover. If you're looking for someone to sing at a funeral, maybe this is the kid you're looking for. But come on, can anyone over the age of 18 take this kid seriously.

Watching glimpses of last night's episode, the whole group singing "I'm a Believer" was so corny that the producers should have been voted off for letting that skit be viewed by 30 million people. Jordan Sparks lip synching, yes the same Jordan Sparks who won this competition last year and by the way, wasn't the best choice, but she was like 17 years old (the teenagers have spoken once again.)

And then finally last night, after trying to fill a dull full hour of showtime, we
see who got the ax, Austalian Michael Johns. This guy was easliy a top 3 choice, but maybe he got cut because he's not American (I'm sure the Irish girl is next), or maybe because he was way more mature and a far better singer for the voting audience.

If anything, why can't we see the number of votes each contestant receives and the demographic voting?

Again, another year and I find myself losing interest in Idol after the top ten. The show has basically become Star Search on crack or the Teen Choice Awards.