Friday, April 18, 2008

More Fuel to the Fire

As if this rivalry really needs anything else to heat it up, Kyle Farnsworth throws a fastball at Manny Ramirez's head.

Ramirez (the AL MVP by far), torched the Yankees for three hits, two of them no doubt about it home runs, and three RBI's. With the first pitch of the 7th inning and the Red Sox up 7-3, Farnsworth (much to the home crowds pleasure )threw a 97 mph fastball at Manny's noggin.

Some still call it questionable, with Farnsworth's inconsistent control, but maybe Joe Girardi was trying to send a message. Manny has killed the Yankees, and Mike Mussina, so far this year and he's pretty much responsible for all three of the BoSox wins over the Yanks.

So far in this young season, we've had a Fenway hawk attack a young girl named Alexa Rodriguez, the Big Papi jersey buried in the new Yankee Stadium, and know this.

The Yanks may have gotten beat last night, but at least they touched "Pap" for two runs in the ninth. Nice nickname.

Whether it was intentional or not, you can bet the Sox won't forget.

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