Friday, April 25, 2008

The Jason Taylor Dilemma

Rumors going around about the Dolphins potentially trading Jason Taylor for a Number one draft pick.
First off, Big Tuna said a couple of months ago Taylor would be a Dolphin next year.
Having said this, what's really surprising to me is the fact that Parcells allowed Taylor to perform on "Dancing With the Stars."

I mean Jason Taylor is the best player on the Miami Dolphins. Tuna's the type of coach who would never let his best player, any player for that matter, compete in such a ridiculous competition which could easily lead to an embarrassing off field injury. Wouldn't you think there's something in Taylor's contract that would bar this type of action?

John Clayton reports that with Taylor's age and contract, no team would give Miami anything higher than a third round pick. No way you trade JT for a third round pick! You better get at least a first rounder and multiple picks.

Let me guess, Miami trades Taylor to the Patriots. Great! Give the Pats another one of your few quality players.

Also, Taylor has rumored to have quietly requested a trade.
Something's not right here. If your putting the word out that you would trade Taylor, I really think Taylor would have a hard time putting on a Phins uniform next year. The Phins were horrible last year, and probably don't have a shot of contending for a couple of years. Why wouldn't Taylor want out now?

The Dolphins are thinking if they trade Taylor, they can secure another high draft pick and maybe get a quarterback like Michigan's Chad Henne or Delaware's Joe Flacco.

I love Jason Taylor. He's been a true Phin since day one. Don't do him like this!

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