Friday, April 11, 2008

Idol Slowly Losing Credibility

I know, what am I doing writing about American Idol. After the audition rounds, the show really isn't worth watching. I mean first off, if any of these guys were truly talented, they wouldn't need a reality show to become a star.

With that being said, how many of the past winners have climbed the top of the mountain the show seems to always promise. It took Kelly Clarkson a couple of years to finally have a hit record, but she fell quicker than Randy Jackson's weight. Chris Daughtery is probably the most popular of all the Idol contestants, but he didn't even win. I think he was cut at the top 5! Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar, but she barely cracked the top 10. Taylor Hicks? Taylor freakin Hicks! This guy actually won the contest and was outright horrible, from his voice to his Jay Leno like appearance.

Oh, by the way, can anyone say William Hung?

The one exception is Carrie Underwood. Oh, how I love Carrie Underwood. If she had ever left the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, she would have never of needed Idol.

This season, we've heard nothing but how this is the most talented group yet, don't we hear that same plug every year? There's not one person in the top 10 I would actually pay money to see.

The reasons we watch Idol: for the auditioning rounds which are just hilarious and probably the wrong reason for anybody to watch a show; to question just how many qualudes and martinis Paula had before the show; to see the contestant with raunchy pictures on the Internet; and of course Simon. Simon is great! He makes the show. When he leaves, the show is over.

Like I said, the best singer rarely wins, or even makes the top 5. Which basically tells you the people voting are teenagers texting their votes multiple times. That explains Mr. Mohawk from last year, you know the little kid who couldn't sing, dance or remember lyrics. The producers really had to sweat that one out. You know, the kid was so bad Howard Stern was telling everyone on his radio show to vote for this kid because had he won,it would have killed Idol.

This year is David Archuleta. This guy is like 12 years old, has no personality, no stage presence, can't remember words to classic songs, and he did a Robbie freakin Williams cover. If you're looking for someone to sing at a funeral, maybe this is the kid you're looking for. But come on, can anyone over the age of 18 take this kid seriously.

Watching glimpses of last night's episode, the whole group singing "I'm a Believer" was so corny that the producers should have been voted off for letting that skit be viewed by 30 million people. Jordan Sparks lip synching, yes the same Jordan Sparks who won this competition last year and by the way, wasn't the best choice, but she was like 17 years old (the teenagers have spoken once again.)

And then finally last night, after trying to fill a dull full hour of showtime, we
see who got the ax, Austalian Michael Johns. This guy was easliy a top 3 choice, but maybe he got cut because he's not American (I'm sure the Irish girl is next), or maybe because he was way more mature and a far better singer for the voting audience.

If anything, why can't we see the number of votes each contestant receives and the demographic voting?

Again, another year and I find myself losing interest in Idol after the top ten. The show has basically become Star Search on crack or the Teen Choice Awards.

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