Thursday, April 17, 2008

Erin Andrews Not a Fan of Cell Phone Cameras

So Erin Andrews doesn't approve of cell phone cameras. Hmm...

First off, lets ask the question, Why do you think EA got her job in the first place?
a. She's a great reporter.
b. Because of her father.
c. Um, she's hot.
d. Everyone she interviews is picturing her naked.
e. b,c, and d.

OK, she may be a decent reporter, if you actually admit you pay attention to what she's saying.

But to have an article written about her popularity on the internet and then complain about being in the public eye and people constantly taking pictures of her is somewhat hypocritical.

EA, you should be thankful people love to snap photos of you and post them on the internet. Um, maybe this is a big reason why you're so uber popular.

Do you think Andrews is disappointed when she's cashing her checks?

Here's some pictures I took of EA with my cell phone camera. Enjoy!

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