Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Official, I Have a Man Crush On Michael Beasley

Yes, he is definitely the best college basketball player in the country. After watching this beast courtside during warmups at Allen Fieldhouse last weekend, I officially have a man crush on Michael Beasley. The guy is straight up sick! and will be the No. 1 pick in this June's draft.
The thing that sticks out most about Beasley is how smooth the guy is. I mean watching this guy knock down treys with ease while nodding his head and rappin to Soulja Boy in the background was pretty cool. Then, with the crowd booing him, Beasley calmly threw down a reverse between the legs dunk and it was quickly followed by a loud "OOOHHH!" from the entire crowd. (Yes, everyone in the building did not take their eyes off him.) This guy constantly gets double teamed night after night and still can put up 40 plus (And Kansas St. still loses).

Editor's note: Beasley finished with 39 points in a losing effort Saturday against the Jayhawks. Beasley got into foul trouble early in the contest with just over two minutes into the game he was whistled with for his second foul. Kansas quickly went up double digits and K-State never recovered.
I can only imagine how sick this guy was last year in high school.

The biggest question? Why did this guy choose Kansas St. in the first place?
1. It wasn't for tradition.
The Wildcats have never been known to even have a mediocre basketball program.
2. Was it because he wanted to be coached by a legend?
Not likely. Who can even name the K-State coach who's in his first year.
3. Maybe the location of the university?
What blue chip has ever considered Manhattan, Kansas. If anything, Lawrence is a short drive down the road and has all the history a guy could want in college basketball. Nowadays, top high school players in any sport seem to be opting for big schools with tradition, warm weather, and superb local talent. Not going to find any of this in Manhattan, Kansas.

4. Did he pick K-State because he would be center stage night after night in front of a nationally televised audience?
Since when has K-State been known to have its basketball team featured on ESPN prime time. I don't think any of Beasley's games were nationally televised until late January when conference play was rollin.
5. Maybe he chose the Wildcats because he wanted his own team to showcase his skills?
Well, he's pretty much the only potential scoring threat on the entire team and therefore always demands double, triple coverage, and still averages around 28 points a game. And he also broke Carmelo Anthony's freshmen record for double-doubles.
Whatever the reason, I'm hoping (along with anyone involved in NCAA Basketball), that the Wildcats reach the tournament and Beasley can pull a Danny Manning out of his ass and take K-State deep into the tournament. This kid is fun to watch and is the next big thing.


Dirtylaundry said...

Let's call a spade a spade here. Huggy Bear got this kid to Manhatten, Huggy Bear left the scene, and now he's the best player in the world. Gotta wonder where K-State would be with Huggy at the helm. Probabaly a 4-seed and lose in 2nd round, but better than K-State's ever been and Nebraska would ever hope to be.

Dirtylaundry said...

Whoa, it must have gone past me earlier as I was too focused on Huggy Bear's refusal to ever wear a tie, but...

Uhm, maybe we should change that headline. It's awfully suggestive.

Mac G said...

Huggie Bear gave Beasley's AAU coach a job as an assistant. Beasley had committed to UNC Charlotte as a sophomore because this AAU coach got a job there. He is still on Kstate's staff and I believe is top assistant now.

Beasley played on the same AAU team out here in DC one year with Durant and Ty Lawson. Talk about Sick.