Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness

Let the Madness and bets begin....

OK, so you're not in Vegas and you couldn't get out of work. But hey, I know all you do at work is read blogs and look at poon all day, so I'm sure in today's working world, you won't have a hard time keeping up with all the action. And there's also Bodog.

If anyone cares, my Final Four: North Carolina

I have the Tar Heels defeating Memphis for the championship.
I like UConn to go far. They played and succeeded in one of the toughest conferences and they've got that coach with tons of tourney experience.
I also like Stanford to make some noise with the Lopez brothers.

In the East,possible Cinderellas: Winthrop, St. Joseph's, George Mason (of course) and I have Butler getting to the Elite Eight.

In the Midwest, watch for Siena and the USC/Kansas St. could be key. I could see the winner of this game going as far as the Final Four.

The South, I already said Stanford to go far, and I also like Temple or Oral Roberts. Saint Mary's could be deadly as they try to become the new Gonzaga.

For the West, of course I like UConn, I also like West Virgina for the same reasons. Keep on eye on Xavier and Baylor. Baylor's coached by the little Drew kid. Yeah, the one with the Buzzer Beater from Valparaiso.

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