Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm not big into politics, whoever has been in the White House has never affected my way of living. I never cared for the Clinton family, I always thought they were a disgrace to the country. This year, who the hell is running for President, Hillary or Slick Willie? I've come to really like Barack Obama. This is a guy who seems to always say the right thing and is cool under pressure. Obama is on one of the hottest win streaks, right up there competing with the Houston Rockets now 15 game win streaks.

If you haven't been near a TV, a newspaper, or outside, tonight will pretty much decide who the next US President will be. The race is pretty much between Clinton and Obama. The average person probably couldn't tell you who the Republican candidate is and that there even is one.

With Clinton seemingly slipping and not able to handle the pressure, it looked as the Obama would continue his hot streak and wrap up the Democrat nomination. That is until Clinton's campaign came up with a presidential saving move. Secretly put Hilary on Saturday Night Live! Saturday night, reporters were waiting for Clinton to board their plane, when Clinton ducked out on a different plane headed to NYC. Clinton surprisingly showed up on SNL and this may have been the biggest move of her career. Clinton was able to appear down to earth and in touch with 18-36 crowd (mainly the undecided voter). This move was ala 1992 when Slick Willie showed up on Arsenio Hall playing the saxophone. I remember everyone saying how cool this guy was because he showed up on a then popular African American late night show and wore shades while playing the saxophone. Don't be fooled again America. Barack is the Man.

About this year's election, one of my buddies always brings up the Taliban. "They've got to be sitting in their caves rejoicing and saying 'This is far easier than we expected, either a black man of a female.'"

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Dirtylaundry said...

I don't care what happens, all I know is I need Bill Clinton back in my life. I need him pulling up to the White House at 3am every night with a new fat broad. Plus we all made a lot more money under Clinton's watch. I say, bring 'em back!