Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Patriot Gamble Pays Off

Speaking of Randy Moss. Boy did New England take a huge gamble. They actually let Moss test out the market where he was offered more money than the Patriots were willing to give him. That could have been a huge disaster for this franchise. They've already lost a few key players, but could you have imagined what Tom Brady would have done if Moss had left?
But even with Moss, the Patriots still don't know what to expect with this human time bomb. I mean, this is the same guy who admitted to taking plays off, you has left games prematurely, has tried to run over cops, who became extinct for two years with the Raiders.

Yeah, he had a record breaking season last year, but he also had an incentive laden contract. I'm sure that every NFL team will be watching the film from the Super Bowl and teams were actually figuring out how to slow the Pats down. With all the double coverages Moss will see next year, he probably won't get the ball near as much and you know this will annoy Moss at some point. You have to wonder, will he go back to his old habits?

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