Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank You Deadspin! We Can All Enjoy The Masters

"Can you believe it? I mean, the Swami at The Masters!" Special thanks to Will Leitch and his awesome Deadspin blog so no one will have to go through the grueling torture that is the self promoting Chris Berman. I think this also might take Berman off his high horse. Double Score!

By now, we've all seen the Berman videos a hundred times. If you didn't get them emailed to you, a buddy showed them to you on a blog. ESPN quickly asked You Tube to pull the videos off the website. But Leitch and Deadspin would not let the egotistic Berman off the hook. Deadspin published a post showing all kinds of Berman videos exposing the phony for exactly everything he is.

Berman has been a pioneer for ESPN and has helped build ESPN into everything it is today-a self promoting, monopoly sports channel. Berman even paved the way for the many annoying and really no so funny anchors whose jokes and catchphrase get old after five minutes. Can anyone say Stewart Scott? (Oh, by the way he decide to change his name to Stu. That's hardcore!)

Also, have you notice guys like Berman and Scott have stepped down from some of their previous duties. I mean remember when you turned on ESPN and either Berman or Scott always seemed to be on. Now, it seems they're grown to good for their old days. Scott seems to only show up for his NBA gig and Monday Night Countdown. Oh, and whenever there's a big North Carolina (Scott's alma mater) game, he seems to have to cover their highlights.

For Berman, he used to be involved in every thing ESPN did; every Sportscenter, MLB game, special reports and interviews. Now, he's dwindle his services to a select few shows: The U.S. Open, the Home Run Derby (where he can really shine promoting himself), his NFL highlight show with Tom Jackson (makes you wonder if it's TJ who really makes that show), the occasional plays of the week, and of course the Swami Says (Yeah, those are always close).

Funny how some of the best have left ESPN, Dan Patrick and Andrea Kremer. It seems ESPN may have lost it when they merged and sold out to Disney.

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A good article about Berman missing The Masters.

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