Sunday, March 16, 2008

Catch 22

Rocketmania has hit the deuce deuce mark. Even more impressive, the Rockets knocked off Kobe Bryant and the first place Lake Show. I know, Pau Gasol didn't play, but when you get win streak this high, you start running out of excuses.

Tracy McGrady had zero first half points yesterday and finished with 11. Rafer Alston cashed in a career high 31. Luther Head's playing great and Luis Scola's come from nowhere to be a pivotal piece to the team.

Shane Battier has finally played up to his potential and did a great job D-ing up Kobe yesterday.

The Rockets have won 22 games in 47 days. They climbed from tenth in the Western Conference all the way to the top. They've only beaten 8 teams with records over .500, but let's not forget, they've won like 8 in a row without Yao Ming.

Like I said before, this team is so much fun to watch right now. The ball always seems to bounce their way lately. The Rockets have swagger and attitude and aren't being pushed around. Mutumbo's back to waving the finger again. Alston was talking smack yesterday. And Bobby Jackson has been playing out of his socks!

This has definitely been the year for win streaks. First we saw the Colorado Rockies' improbable run, only to stab themselves in the back by winning the NLCS to quickly and then having a week off.
We all remember what happened to the Patriots.
The Memphis Tigers basketball team had an impressive streak and flirted with perfection.
Tiger Woods. Need I say more?
I guess what makes the Rockets and Rockies more exciting is the fact that no one would ever imagined these teams pulling off such a feat. I mean with Tiger and the Patriots, it was expected.

With all that being said, the Rockets will lose tomorrow night at home to the Boston Celtics. Good thing they didn't have to play them on St. Patty's Day.

After that, it's a three game road trip to New Orleans, Golden St. and Phoenix.

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