Monday, December 29, 2008

Words can't really describe how Dolphins fans feel today. It's been quite sometime since I've been able to wear a Dolphins' jersey with pride. One year after being the laughingstock of the NFL, the Miami Dolphins have completed an improbable comeback and now sit atop as the 2008 AFC East Division Champions.

Let me say that again, the Miami Dolphins are the 2008 AFC East Division Champions!

I can't say I'm surprised. When Bill Parcells came to the Dolphins organization last year, I wrote that I wouldn't be surprised to see the Dolphins go 8-8 or 9-7. Last year they lost 7 games by 3 points or less.

And after Miami beat New England earlier in the year, taking a look at the Dolphins schedule, you knew they had a great chance. Miami's opponents overall record was 118-138.

Parcells came in and immediately made an impression. He brought in his own coaches and players. He had no problem letting fan favorite Jason Taylor dance off to presumably bigger things in Washington.

Overall, this is a great football "team." I guarantee you nobody wants a piece of the Dolphins right now. This may even be the best Miami team since 1985. This team does all the little things right and they get help from somebody new every game. I mean, did Joey Porter even play yesterday?

Miami tied the NY Giants with 13 total turnovers for the entire year. That's the fewest ever in a 16 game season in NFL history.

They're also a real fun team to watch. You gotta love the "WildCat" offense. In fact, opposing teams preparing for the Dolphins' offense should study game tap from last year's Arkansas offense.

Miami has resurrected the Single Wing formation in the NFL. Can you imagine what athletes like Pat White and Tim Tebow would do running the Single Wing?

The Miami Dolphins have always been known to stumble down the stretch and have trouble playing in cold weather. Not this team. Miami has won 9 of its last 10, including the last two on the road.

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