Monday, December 1, 2008

Horns Got Hooked!

Yes, it's that time of year again. The Holiday Season and another BCS mess. The BCS may be in worse shape the economy, thanks to the Big 12 South.

There's still one weekend of games left so anything can happen, and I'm sure it'll only get worse.

The biggest controversy (so far) is how Oklahoma jumped Texas in the BCS and now represents the Big 12 South in the Conference Title Game? We all know they each have one loss and Texas beat Oklahoma 45-35 on a neutral field. You would think the Longhorns would get the edge.

One thing's for sure. If Oklahoma beats Missouri in Kansas City (OU is a 17 point favorite), the Sooners will play for the National Title. If the Sooners lose, they're out. So along with Alabama, they control their own destiny.

Speaking of 'Bama. They're the number one team in the nation but face a HUGE showdown in Atlanta in a winner take all game for the SEC and quite possibly a spot in the National Title Game.

And by the way, the number 1 Crimson Tide are 9 1/2 point underdogs!!! against No. 4 Florida. That's insane!

Florida is definitely the best team in the nation. They have a Heisman Trophy winner, crazy speed on offense and defense, and great coaching. The SEC Title Game could be the game of the year and is must see TV.

So if the guys in Vegas are right, Oklahoma and Florida win their conferences. The Sooners go to Miami and play....the Gators?

Not so fast! OK, if Bama wins, they're in the Title Game. But if Florida beats Bama, do they jump Texas?

And let's take into consideration that I'm a huge fan of SEC Football.

Texas's only loss was on the road on the last play of the game to a Top 10 team. The previous play, the Longhorns dropped a tipped pass for an easy interception. Oh, that was big!

Florida lost at home to unranked Ole Miss!

At the beginning of the season, the SEC looked and started out as best conference in football. I'll even admit the SEC doesn't look so strong now, we'll wait and see how the bowl games play out.

So what are Florida's quality wins?

Georgia-a real disappointing season.
LSU-see Georgia.
South Carolina-not ranked at 7-5.
Florida St.-they play in the dismal ACC and the Seminoles have been off the map for some time now.

Heck, Bama's undefeated and again a 9 1/2 point! underdog basically because the Tide really don't have any quality wins.

Clemson-a preseason Top 10 team that may of had the most disappointing season in college football.
Georgia-See above.
LSU-the Tide was fortunate to win in Death Valley in overtime to a sub par LSU team.

Not only did the Longhorns get screwed by not playing the Big 12 Championship Game, they could get screwed again if Florida jumps Texas to play in the BCS Championship.

Wow! That's tough.

Could you believe this scenario. If the Gators beat the Tide, we could possibly be looking at a Big 12 South Showdown in the National Title Game. OU/Texas for all the marbles. That would be nice!

But of course if Oklahoma losses to Missouri on Saturday, all bets are off and we've again got another huge mess.

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