Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 College Gameday Year in Review

ESPN's College Gameday wrapped up its final show of 2008 where it started the season, Atlanta. Judging by the Saturday morning crowds, the show is still as popular as ever.

The 2008 season marked first ever trips to sites such as Vanderbilt, Texas Tech and Florida A & M.

This year also brought celebrities Kenny Chesney, Lebron James and Bobby Knight to join the cast in offering their picks to the weekend's featured matchups.

Along with the on air chemistry of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, college football fans and their creative signs have kept the show running strong.

The best show of the year arguably was Lubbock. The crowd and signs were tremendous and for the first time ever, Corso donned the Red Raider, Yosemite Sam mascot head and fired two guns! This also happened to be the game of the year-Texas Tech's 39-33 win in the final seconds.

Here's the list of the 2008 sites followed by Corso's pick and his record:

1. Alabama/Clemson (Atlanta)-Clemson (0-1)
2. Miami/Florida-Gators (1-1)
3. Ohio St./USC-Trojans (2-1)
4. LSU/Auburn-Auburn (2-2)
5. Alabama/Georgia-Alabama (3-2)
6. Auburn/Vanderbilt-Auburn (3-3)
7. Texas/Oklahoma-Oklahoma (3-4)
8. Missouri/Texas-Longhorns (4-4)
9. Penn St./Ohio St. (4-5)
10. Texas/Texas Tech-Tech (5-5)
11. Alabama/LSU-Bama (6-5)
12. Hampton/Florida A&M-the Rattlers (7-5)
13. Texas Tech/Oklahoma-Oklahoma (8-5)
14. Oklahoma/Oklahoma St.-the Sooners (9-5)
15. Florida/Alabama-Bama (9-6)

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Tree, that was simply awesome and thanks for the effort that you put into taking pictures. Also, you have the dream gig of a lifetime.