Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big Winner From the Civil War? Boise St.?

Wile the rockets red glare in last week's Civil War game between Oregon/Oregon St. (Oregon won 65-38!), USC gets the Rose Bowl. So Oregon St. fails in it's first bid for the Rose Bowl, well, since almost the real Civil War.

So that leaves the door open for a deserving at large team. According to the BCS Polls, which matter the most, right?, Boise St. (12-0), should be lock for it's second BCS game in the last three years.

Like a good buddy of mine says, "Not so fast my friend!"

Somehow, someway, the Ohio St. Suckeyes will be represented in the Fiesta Bowl. What the deuce?

The BCS Bowls are shaping up like this:

Orange Bowl:ACC winner (Boston College) vs. Big East winner (Cincinnati). Yawn!

Sugar: Utah vs. the loser of the SEC Title Game.

Rose: USC vs. Penn St. Should be three straight blow outs for USC against three different Big 10 teams. Michigan and Illinois were the Trojans victims in the previous two years.

Fiesta: Texas vs.....Ohio St.?! What!?!?

How in the hell do you give the Suckeyes another BCS bid?!

Have Ohio St. and the Big 10 Conference not prove how shitty they are in recent bowl games?

I know we don't forget that Ohio St. has been taken to the wood shed with the old broomstick up the ass the last two BCS Championship Games. The Big 10 and Ohio St. football program have been the laughing stock of college football the last few years.

The Mountain West and WAC are stronger conferences than the Big 10.

But believe it or not, Ohio St. Luckeyes will once again sneak in the BCS. And I'm sure once again the Suckeyes will take it up the ass harder than Ed Norton in American History X.

I mean don't the coaches, sportswriters and computers take into consideration the pathetic, boring, downward, lackluster, we suck play and don't matter anymore play of the conference formally known as the Big 10.

Is Beano Cook still alive? Yeah Beano! You still suck and so does your conference. Oh, and FYI, your backup Independent school Notre Dame, has now accepted 6-6 as a great season. Hey Beano, you should do a Big 10 and roll over and die already. Nobody cares! You're last century's news. Wait, you're pre 1970's news. Time has passed you. You can't sell a lame University on history with a bunch of fat cows for Coeds when you have the sunshine and babes of the South.

Boise St. is number 9 in the BCS. Ohio St. is number 10. Do the math!

There is no way Ohio St. should get a BCS bid over Boise St.

Boise St. is the Cinderella darlings of college football and along with Utah, TCU, BYU and Ball St. would run the table in the Big 10.

The other team who really gets screwed? Texas Tech. You lose one game all year to the now number 2 in the nation and the Red Raiders are looking at the Holiday Bowl. That's about $14 million difference!

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