Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guns Up!

Wow! What a game!

Texas Tech's 39-33 victory over the Texas Longhorns was the game of the year with the play of the year.

This was definitely one of the best games I've ever been in attendance for.

The game was up and down, finally climaxing on Graham Harrell's last second pass to Michael Crabtree, and then Crabtree finishing off the play with a broken tackle and a clear path to the endzone. All this coming just barely over a minute after Texas took the lead.

The Red Raiders definitely deserved to win. They were the better team all night and the electricity of the crowd and the entire town of Lubbock behind them, there was just no stopping Tech.

If these teams played 5 times, the Longhorns would win 4.

You have to give Texas a lot of credit. When your first offensive play from scrimmage results in a safety, you know you're in for a long night.

Texas Tech built up a 19-0 lead at home and the Longhorns were able to comeback and take the lead with 1:29 left in the game.

But Graham Harrell put together a Heisman Trophy winning drive and led the Red Raiders to an improbable win.

The funny thing is, Harrell may not be even be the best player in his huddle. Michael Crabtree is straight up sick. I've heard people say he's the best receiver since Tim Brown. Remember that name, Michael Crabtree, because it'll be a household name for years to come on Sundays.

So obviously now the Big 12 is the best conference in College Football. If not the Big 12, than the Big 12 South. The North is definitely looking weak with preseason front runners Kansas and Missouri not holding up they're end of the deal having more difficult schedules than last year.

Not only will there be another BCS mess come December, but you can see maybe a bigger catastrophe in the Big 12 South. There's a great chance that Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech each finish the regular season with one loss.

Texas Tech has Oklahoma St. at home this weekend. Following a bye, the Red Raiders than travel to Norman, a game they'll most likely lose.

So then you have Texas with one loss coming to Tech. Texas Tech with one loss coming from Oklahoma. And the Sooners with one loss from Texas.

Who goes to the Big 12 Championship Game? Well, from what I've gathered, the team ranked the highest in the BCS Standings following the final regular season weekend.

Wow! That's like picking the team from a hat!

I have no problem with Tech at No. 2 ahead of Penn St. I would rank USC, Oklahoma, Florida and Texas above Penn St.

The Florida Gators are the best team in College Football right now. They've got to be kicking themselves losing at home to Ole Miss-on a missed extra point!

So both the Gators and USC have one loss from very weak teams. That could really hurt both teams.

You know what? Not playing an extra game in a conference championship game just might kill Penn St. and JoPa. The winners of the Big 12 and SEC Championship Games get another quality win to factor in the BCS ratings, most likely against a Top 10 team. That extra quality win may propel a one loss Big 12 and SEC team above Penn St.

So USC's out.

But there's Penn St. and the Big 10 still sitting pretty for another BCS Championship embarrassment.

I'm actually rooting for the Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend. Iowa City is a tough place to win on the road and an upset over undefeated Penn St. would be the biggest Hawkeye victory since the early '80s. The scary thing is, I can totally see Iowa winning this weekend.

How is Ohio St. ranked No. 11? I guess because the Buckeyes' have 2 losses coming to Penn St. and USC.

But what about Missouri at No. 14? Their two losses are from Texas and Oklahoma St.

So where are the best football players in the country from? That's easy, the usual suspects. SoCal, Texas and Florida.

Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU are having great seasons. QB's from the likes of Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, Chase Daniel, Matthew Stafford and Todd Reesing all hail from Texas.

Pete Carroll and USC have a monopoly on SoCal football.

The Gators are clearly the dominant team in the state of Florida, but we've seen South Florida rise to a Top 25 team. And you can expect Florida St. and Miami to be major players in the near future. It's hard to keep those Florida programs on top because of all the in state talent has so many options to choose from. Also, we've seen these programs succumb to controversy and mishap.

The biggest surprise of the year? Nebraska taking Texas Tech to overtime in Lubbock.

Enjoy the scenes from Jones AT&T Stadium following Tech's upset over No. 1 Texas.

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