Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I can actually say that for the first time in voting life I'm happy and comfortable with the President of the United States. I actually feel safe.

This is coming from a white male from the Midwest who grew up in an all white community.

I love Barack Obama. I'm confident in Obama mainly because the guy shows so much confidence in himself. He's young, driven and successful.

I know Obama will lead American in the right direction. He understands "the enormity of the task that lies ahead." Like Michael Jordan, Obama wants the ball. He is up for the challenge. He wants the challenge. He's the type of guy who needs a challenge.

And remember this guy started from nothing. He can relate to every class in society. Obama understands the value of hard work. He had to work his ass off for everything he's achieved.

Remember this: Barack Obama has forever engraved his stature in American History.

His portrait will forever hang inside the White House as the 44th President of the United States. The same portrait will forever be featured on every "Past Presidents" poster.

And today, I am proud to be an American and I will support Barack Obama for the next 8 years.

Congratulations Barry O!