Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gameday At LSU

Baton Rouge does not get the respect it deserves. We all know how great women and tailgating are in the SEC, but I think LSU might be a little under rated.

First off, the weather in Baton Rouge can be very unpleasant. I've never been there during the Summer months, but I can tell you September is miserable. If it's not 95 degrees with a 100% humidity, it's pouring rain and 100% humidity. Yeah, stand in the shade and you're sweating balls.

But when it comes to Saturday Gameday in Baton Rouge, the Purple and Gold never fail to bring it, and then some. I'm talking young and old, male and female. There's nothing wrong with cracking a beer at 6 AM. Hell, you're a minority if you don't.

I just wonder what these guys do when football season is over? I mean they have to be completely lost!

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