Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Just Saying

The Miami Dolphins are 4-4. They're already +3 in their win total from last year. They may be the current winners in the whole Brett Favre off season drama, via Chad Pennington to the Phins.

Let's not forget the Dolphins totally blew a game at Houston just a few weeks ago. The Dolphins could easily be 5-3.

Like I said before the season, you don't want to mess with this Miami team. They're not a pushover like previous years. They will win some big games.

Now, check out the Dolphins remaining schedule:

New England
@St. Louis
San Francisco
@Kansas City
@NY Jets

Five of those games should be gimmes. That's makes them 9-7.

The AFC West is in the crapper. The Titans have pretty much wrapped up the AFC South. The AFC North will likely send Pittsburgh and Baltimore to the Playoffs. So that leaves two teams from the AFC East. Miami could easily win the division, if not, maybe 9-7 gets them a wild card?

And considering what we've learned from all sports, qualifying for postseason play gives you as good a chance as anyone else.

Just ask the NY Giants or Philadelphia Phillies, just to name a recent couple.

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