Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fight On

Lee Corso called the 2008 USC defense the best in the history of college football. That's a pretty bold statement.

A closer look: After 10 games the Trojans have give up a total of 77 points! Yes, that's 7.7 a game! And 50 of those points came in two games.

So USC plays in a weak Pac 10 Conference. But still, that kind of domination deserves some recognition. Remember USC did play Ohio St. and allowed only 3 points to the Buckeyes.

Let's compare the 2008 Trojans' defense to some other recent dominating defensive teams.

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Arguably the best defense in the history of football. The Ravens gave up a total of 167 points in 16 regular season games-10.4 a game.
Baltimore continued its dominance in the playoffs giving up 16 in 3 playoff games and 7 in the Super Bowl, the 7 points coming from a kick return.

So in the postseason alone against the best competition, Baltimore gave up 23 total points in 4 games, 5.75 a game! And that's including the 7 points allowed on the kick return. Take away those 7 and the Ravens gave up an average of 4! count 'em 4 points a game!

The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers' defense gave up 174 points all season, 14.5 a game.

Even better, the 1994 Nebraska defense allowed only a total of 162 points in 13 games, 12.5 a game.

USC's numbers are pretty strong, and they still have a few games left to play.

But how bad was that 27-21 loss against Oregon St (In Corvallis, a very tough place to play)? If Oregon St. wins out, the Beavers win the Pac 10 and receive a Rose Bowl berth where they'll most likely have a rematch with Penn St.

Think of this. Let's just say somehow a few teams ranked in front of USC stumble down the line, USC could play in the BCS Championship Game while not winning their conference! The Trojans would need a lot of help, but hey, remember the last couple of weeks from a year ago?

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