Tuesday, October 28, 2008

US Scareways

A tribute to Halloween.

One of the most scariest things I've encountered the past year has easily been flying US Airways.

Since I travel roughly 35 weeks out of the year, I have many horrific stories regarding travel. But none worse than than my recent encounter with US Airways.

My airline of choice is Continental. I can't recall any horror stories with Continental (knock on wood) and now I have status with the airline. So I don't have to worry about paying for checked bags, I usually can get bumped up to first class, and about a month ago I had a flight canceled and along with 60 plus others, was placed on standby for the next flight and was third on the list. So I easily made that next flight.

However last weekend I was forced to fly US Airways. I had no idea what was in store for me and every other traveler on US Airways. First off, I believe it is something like $30 for your first checked bag, it bumps up to $50 dollars after that. So for a round trip flight, you're looking at paying at least $60.

Fortunately, my bags made the trip, but a friend's bags were lost. So he had to pay US Air $30 to lose his bags. Gee, that sounds reasonable.

It gets worse. If you want any seat other than a middle seat, you pay extra depending on your status with US Airways. Of course no one wants to sit claustrophobic in a middle seat. So for an aisle or window seat you pay anywhere from $30-$50. Let me put this in more simple terms. A roundtrip flight with a connection will cost you at least $120.

You want to "upgrade" to an exit row? I think it's $50!

What the deuce?

On board, normally a beverage is complimentary and alcohol might cost you $5. On US Airways? $2 for a soft drink and starting at $7 for a beer! That's ballpark prices!

What next? $7 dollars for a blanket and pillow?

I totally understand the Southwest commercial and lived it last week.

I always regarded United as the worst overall airline. You know, connecting in Chicago and always missing your connection due to weather and high winds.

To my surprise, not really, US Airways is partnered with United. What a pair!

What's even worse? Boarding your plane and you see some ass clown sitting in your window seat that you paid for. You tell the guy, "Sorry, jackass. You're in my seat."

He replies, "You don't mind if I sit here do you?"

"Uh, nice dry douchebag! I did pay for it."

In more ways than one.

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