Tuesday, October 28, 2008

College Gameday: Penn St. At Ohio St.

A lot of excitement surrounding Week 9 of College Gameday as King James made a special appearance at the Gameday Set. Lebron showed up for the final segment to give his picks along side Corso and Herbstreit for ten games on the college football schedule.

Lebron went 5-5. He picked Arizona to upset USC. The Trojans won 17-10.

Another "celebrity" showed her face in the crowd-Sarah Palin, or wait, was it Tina Fey? The Sarah Palin lookalike might have been one of the most creative ideas in the history of the show. I guess this girl found her Halloween costume.

As for the game itself, the Nittany Lions won their first game at the Horseshoe since Penn St. joined the Big 10 in 1993. It was their first win at Columbus since 1978.

Penn St. looks well on their way to the BCS National Title game. Can you really see Texas and Alabama both running the table and finishing undefeated? I actually think Texas will lose this weekend in Lubbock. It's the biggest game in the history of Texas Tech sports. So you can bet the atmosphere and town will be electric.

However, if Penn St. finishes as the only BCS team undefeated, do they still get the nod over a once beaten SEC, Big 12 or USC team? Not playing an extra game in a Conference championship game could actually hurt the Nittany Lions. Where as a one loss Big 12 or SEC school winning an extra game against a Top 10 team may actually push them over an undefeated Penn St.

I'm sure the voter's will take into consideration the mediocracy of the Big 10 Conference and their record in recent bowl games. Penn St's schedule won't help their cause either. Their blowout win against Oregon St. gives them the edge over USC. But other than that, Penn St.'s nonconference schedule included games against Coastal Carolina, Syracuse and Temple. Add on the miserable Big 10 and looks like the Nittany Lions are lined up to be the third Big 10 team in a row to get shellacked in the Championship Game.

The Big 10 is so bad that teams like Minnesota and Northwestern are ranked and actually look somewhat competitive in conference play. Let's see how Iowa handles Penn St. as the Hawkeyes get them at home November 8.

Other than Texas, the last team I would want to play right now would be the Florida Gators. Since the Ole Miss shocker in the swamp, Tim Tebow has rallied the troops and the Gators have averaged almost 51 points a game in their last 3.

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