Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 MLB Stats

With the season over and the Playoffs already started, here's some stats to ponder from the 2008 MLB Season.

Josh Hamilton cools down.

By All Star Break, not only was Hamilton the feel good story and comeback player of the year, he was also a shoe in for the MVP. And let's not forget all the talk about his quest for the triple crown.

Hamilton finished tied for 8th with 32 homeruns, won the RBI crown just edging out Justin Morneau-130 to 129, and finished with a .304 batting average-good to just crack the top ten.

Hamilton's batting average was as high as .337 on May 24. And through July, he had 104 RBI's, but finished the last two months with a total of 26 RBI's. Now his name is nowhere near being mentioned as a possible MVP candidate.

The Florida Marlins infield.

The Marlins became the second team in baseball history to have 3 infielders with 30 plus homeruns.
1B Mike Jacobs-32 HR
2B Dan Uggla-32 HR
SS Hanley Ramirez-33 HR

And only if 3B Jorge Cantu came up with one more the Marlins really could have made history. Cantu finished with 29 homeruns.

The only other team in baseball history to have 3 infielders with 30 plus dingers?

The 2001 Oakland A's.
1B Jason Giambi-38 HR
SS Miguel Tejada-31 HR
3B Eric Chavez-32 HR

2B Frank Menechino (you remember him) was the black sheep with just 12 round trippers.

C.C Sabathia

Sabathia is a MVP and Cy Young candidate after moving over to the NL and only making 17 starts in the National League. Not only did Sabathia throw the Brewers on his shoulders to the playoffs, he did so knowing he would not be part of the organization next year.

Sabathia's numbers give us an indication how much better the American League is.

With Cleveland, Sabathia was 6-8 with 3 complete games and a 3.83 ERA.

In the NL with the Brewers, he was 11-2, 7 complete games!, and a 1.65 ERA!

Could you imagine the Blue Jays' Roy Halladay in the NL?

After starting 2-4, Halladay's final numbers were 20-11, 9 complete games, 2 shutouts, and a 2.78 ERA. All this while pitching in the toughest division in baseball.


Many fans, writers, historians question the save statistic in baseball today.

The St. Louis Cardinals led the majors with 31 blown saves. The NY Mets second with 29. Of course the Cardinals fell off the playoff map sometime before September. The Mets collapsed for the second year in a row. A decent bullpen puts the Mets in the playoffs.

More proof? How about Francisco Rodriquez. 62 Saves!
The Anaheim Angels finished 100-62. K-Rod saved 62% of their wins! Obviously the Angels were involved in a lot of close games for K-Rod to have so many opportunities. Could you imagine where the Angels would be without a solid closer?

That's why I would vote Francisco Rodriquez the AL MVP.

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