Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Next Stop Tampa

This Blackout worked.

The Chicago White Sox are the AL Central Champions after an improbable run. After being swept by the Twins and losing the division lead less than a week ago, Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox looked to be headed down the same path as the NY Mets.

However, Guillen and the White Sox regrouped and became the first team in MLB history to win the final three games of the season against 3 different opponents.

The White Sox are indeed the AL Central Champs, basically being placed in a one game playoff against 3 different AL Central opponents-the Indians, Tigers and finally knocking off the first place Twins 1-0.

John Danks put in an epic performance, throwing 8 shutout innings on 3 days rest. Jim Thome drove in the only run of the game with a solo homerun in the seventh inning.

And Ken Griffey Jr. showed he still is a gamer, throwing out Michael Cuddyer at the plate on a sacrifice fly in the fifth. This is Griffey's first post season since 1997 when he was still with Seattle.

Some may argue the one game playoff because the Twins won the regular season series against Chicago 10-8. Does the regular season not matter? What's even worse, Chicago was awarded home field on a coin flip! I can see why Minnesota fans are crying "bloody murder!"

So for the first time since 1906, both the White Sox and Cubs are in the post season together. The White Sox went on to beat the Cubs in the last "Second City Series."

Now for the White Sox, on to Tampa.

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