Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aftermath of Hurricane Ike

It's been well over a week since Hurricane Ike blew through Southwest Texas. I was basically stranded out of town for a week. The airports were closed, downtown was closed. A lot of schools are opening back up this week.

Ike lit up Houston in the surrounding area. Water front towns like Galveston and Kemah may never recover. There's still nearly a million people without power.

I remember living in NYC during the blackout of 2003. We barely survived a day without power. Many have gone more than ten days now without electricity. Imagine. No TV, no computer, no laundry, no cooking. All your basic needs are pretty much wiped out.

Two blocks from where I live the street lights are still out. I just tried to get gas a few hours ago and the Shell across the street is out of fuel.

I know most of the country didn't feel the effects of Ike like people in Houston, but it was devastating.

I good friend of mine just got power back on Sunday! Wow! They made the most of it. A neighbor down the street had a generator and rolled out the big screen TV for Monday Night Football. My friend brought the grill down the street and the entire neighborhood grilled out and watched football. Many of these people had never met before.

Ike has already but a dent in the economy and just when it seemed like gas prices were starting to fall, many places in the South are running out of fuel.

God bless America.

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