Tuesday, September 9, 2008

College Gameday Week 2

Week 2 of College Gameday was another smashing success.

Gainesville-SEC country! Miami Hurricanes at the Florida Gators, big time college football.

It's called the swamp for a reason-It's hot, muggy and bugs constantly in your face.

Don't worry. It doesn't keep Gainesville finest from coming out. I love those sun dresses.

Saturday night's Gator victory was the first over Miami since 1985. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium recorded a sell out crowd of 90,833.

I'll tell you one thing, Miami will be good again. Their roster is loaded with freshmen and sophomores. And man these guys are freakin huge!

Watching the Canes during warmups I was thinking-dam! They must driven the bus from the local penitentiary and dropped the convicts off right at the swamp. Some of these guys are flat out scary! I can only imagine the headaches these guys give their coaching staff.

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Mac G said...

You are doing the best work ever. If I was gay, I would be your sex salve.

I expect 100 pictures of Song Girls and Trojan Poon. Godspeed Tree.