Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

I know, it's been 2 weeks since the Patriots blew perfection and got punched in the teeth, but this stuff never gets old. I'm sure sometime in the next year, we'll see Bill Belichick and Tom Brady standing in front of Congress explaining why they needed to film opposing teams' practices/walk throughs. We're all sick of the controversys off the field which have been the media's main focus of attention since the Mithchell Report. Everyone constantly wonders why our tax dollars are going to investigations in the sporting world and not focusing on gas prices, war, the economy, etc. Well, let me ask you this, did you think you would ever spend 4 1/2 hours watching a congressional hearing? Would you rather watch a congressional hearing on the economy or one with uber famous athletes being grilled by Congress? Would you rather spend your Monday afternoon in a court room or at RFK Stadium taking in an afternoon baseball game? (I know, the last one might be a toss up).
But come on, this is must see TV. This is reality TV at its best.

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