Monday, February 4, 2008

Cheaters Never Win

Wow! Where to begin? I'll start right off by saying this may have been the best Super Bowl ever. A lot of people won't consider it great because the score was 7-3 after 3 quarters and New England didn't make history. Oh, they made history all right. The game was hard hitting, smash mouth football. David vs. Goliath. Yeah, this Patriots team was great, but there's no way they deserved perfection.

First, all year they were way too cocky. Even one time humble poster boy Tom Brady got into the act. And of course, spygate. This is a team not only accused of cheating, but openly admitted to cheating!

Back to the game, how much fun was it to watch pretty boy get knocked on his back play after play. And this was just days before his remarks about Nostradamus, I mean Plaxico Burress' prediction.

I can watch this over and over. I love how Brady says "Maybe Plax should have predicted 45-42." I mean, the guy was that cocky! Talk about throwing your defense under the bus and pretty much stating you could see them give up 45 points. Hey Tom, I think your defense kept you in the game, you didn't do so hot yourself. How did you lose to the Giants when they only scored 17 points! Think about that everytime you visit your girl in NYC. Don't worry about picking up the tab in NYC anymore!

And Bill Belicheat! I know you're cocky and all, but 4th and 13? Did you not have confidence in your special teams or defense? You make a field goal here and the game probably goes to overtime. I mean come on Belicheat, you've won 3 Super Bowls by a total of 9 points. If anyone should know the value of field goals, it should be you. Amazing how this team's cockiness finally caught to them, and the timing of it all.
Total credit to the New York Football Giants winning this game and bringing yet another sports championship to NYC.

In case your counting or wondering, this was the city's 54th major sports championship. Big Blue straight kicked New England's ass. They never gave up, especially on defense. The Giants front four played tremendous. So were the linebackers and DB's. Did you notice the Giants constantly rotating players in and out. I think the G-Men played 9 different defensive backs.
And this Super Bowl had the

best biggest play ever with David Tyree's (Syracuse) catch with his helmet. That he even had to ball thrown to him in the first place, Manning somehow breaking all those tackles and scrambling around, was amazing!
Being a Dolphins and Yankees fan (and hating Boston teams) this game was extra special. Yes, the '72 Dolphins are still the only undefeated team in NFL history and no one will ever get this close again in their lifetime.

But if anything, this was payback from the 2004 playoff collapse by the Yankees. I had never felt so bad about a sporting event (hell, anything else that happened in my life for that matter) than the Yankees blowing a 3-0 lead to the Red Sox.

I thought I would never get that god awful taste out of mouth. Leading up to the game, it never occurred to me just how big a Giants' victory would mean to NYC. This victory totally makes up for the Yankees 2004 melt down. I know how Boston fans felt this morning, the same way I felt 3 1/2 years ago. How's it feel Boston? The Sports Gods have spoken yet once again.

Boston your reign is over. Hope you enjoyed it, I know you never expected it to happen this soon. If anything, the Patriots were always a for sure thing. This is just the beginning. Now, you have spygate and Congress to worry about. And this Patriots dynasty is already tarnished, and I have a feeling it's only gonna get worse.
So yes, I was one extremely over the top happy Mo Fo last night. I drank champagne the rest of the night while watching post game Super Bowl coverage. I yelled and screamed, danced and sang, embarrassed my girlfriend, but god it all felt so sweet. This is why I love sports.

Best commercial ever! When they filmed this, I wonder if Reebok made two alternate endings. The one you see here and maybe they made an ending with the Dolphins welcoming the Patriots into Perfectsville, still population 1.

Too many great images of Super Bowl XLII


Dirtylaundry said...

UHM, I'd say Boston still has NY's number in a big way. First of all, Patriots have 3 titles this decade and the Sox 2, and the Celtics are on their way to one.

And I'm sorry, that 0-3 collapse in the ALCS is the absolute BIGGEST in sports history.

Maybe if the Yankees could try and even GET to a World Series or win one before the end of the decade, you'd have something. But right now, Boston has the edge in the rivalry.

Mac G said...

I agree with DL. Then again I am suffering Orioles fan. What do I know? Dealing with Angelos is similar to Donnie Baseball trying to control his crackhead wife. AGONY