Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Burnt Orange

Keep your eyes upon thee. With last night's 72-69 win over No. 3 Kansas, the Texas Longhorns have now beaten three Top 10 Teams! Previously, the Longhorns beat then No. 1 UCLA and current No. 4, and very nice looking, Tennessee. These are 3 possible No. 1 seeds. Look at the Longhorns (20-4) losses: No. 10 Michigan St., a one point loss to No. 15 Wisconsin, and setbacks at Mizzou and College Station to the newly ranked Aggies. What's all this mean? That the Longhorns are better without Kevin Durant? (Not likely.) That the Longhorns are serious National Title Contenders? (I think so.) Or, the Longhorns are good enough to play with any team in the nation, but will still lack consistency down the stretch? (Most likely.) The Longhorns punched their ticket to the Big Dance? (Most Definetly.)
Watch the Longhorns drop their next game (Saturday, 2/16) at Baylor.

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Mac G said...

What is your next post? The Rockets are a sleeper team for the NBA finals, the Stros will win the NL and Matt Schaub will be a MVP candidate.

If I see a Hook Em Horns sign out of ya, Dek and I might have to fly down to "Steers and Queers" country, and cut down some trees. word.