Thursday, December 27, 2007

Triple D the Hard Way

I love checking out boxscores. No, not those boxscores DEK! In cased you missed or feel like you've been secluded from the world the past few days, Marcus Camby compiled a nice triple double last night against the Memphis Grizz. Yes, the Marcus Camby who was last year's defensive player of the year, the same Camby who briefly put UMASS basketball on the map. Now in his 12th season, Camby scored his third triple D with 10 points, 11 boards and....10 blocks! How sick is that! I mean when anyone blocks 10 shots in a game is pretty rare, but when it helps a player get a triple double? Going into the Nuggets' fourth quarter blow out win, Camby had only 7 seven points. He told his team he was going for the triple and set up outside the arc to nail a three pointer.

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