Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Luck to the Victors

So Michigan football thinks their back. I'll go on the record now and say Rich Rodriquez may be a hell of a recruiter, but when it comes to play calling and winning big games, hold on. True, Michigan may have landed the biggest name in the coaching carousel, but if I were in Morgantown, good riddance. It will be fun to see another Big Ten team run the spread offense and some option ball (Illinois being the other). God knows how much of a problem Jim Tressel has stopping the spread, and I'm sure this is what Michigan was thinking. But come on! Rodriquez pretty much signed, sealed and delivered the National Championship to the Buckeye's this year. West Virginia played an overrated Big East schedule.

OK, South Florida beat them when the Bulls were the hottest thing in college football. You get one mulligan. But to lose the last game of the season at home! to Pitt! I don't play that! Maybe Dave Wannstedt looked at the South Florida tape. Pat White had an injury on his non throwing hand. So what. You still have offensive juggernauts Steve Slaton and much hyped Noel Devine. Slaton finished that game with 9 rushes for 11 yards. What! These two guys should be good for at least 3 or 4 touchdowns a game.

West Virginia's excuse last year was they didn't have a defense. Everything was in place for the Mountaineers to be dancin on Bourbon St., but this monumental collapse boils down to the Head Coach. Rodriquez will easily continue to bring great talent to Ann Arbor, but his teams will still have random meltdowns to mediocre opponents.

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