Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back on the Road....Again

Sorry I haven't been updating this site lately. I know the both of you are hurt. But, like I said before, I spent 10 days back in Nebraska for the Holidays. I can't believe how quick it went. I got to hang out with most of my friends and spend another crazy, drunk filled Christmas Eve with my family. 31 years now spending X-mas in Nebraska! I had a blast and hope everyone else was as fortunate enough as me to be surrounded by so many great people for the Holidays. I leave tomorrow again (boy my miles are really getting up there) for LA and the Rose Bowl. This will be my fourth Rose Bowl appearance. I always hated being in LA for New Year's and really have never had a really good time. Maybe, it's because I actually have to work. Whoa! OK. I mean I just have to show up a certain places at certain times. I didn't mean to mention the term work and myself in the same sentence. But, anyways, back on the road for me for about 11 days. I leave the LA and immediately go to New Orleans for the BCS. I should be bloggin from the road so stay tuned. Like I said before, I just started this blog and rarely have time to keep it updated. My daughter is approaching 10 months way too fast and she requires my undivided attention. Also, it doesn't help the fact that I'm pretty computer illiterate.
Without further ado, here are picks for the next two days' bowl games: Boston College (-5). I think Matt Ryan wants to up his stake in the Draft and showcase his skills to...the Miami Dolphins. TCU (-6). I know this game is in Houston, but hey, a lot of the TCU players are from H-Town and Houston is one of many bowl teams switching head coaches. Maryland (+5 1/2). Wake Forest (-3). I don't want to touch the Penn St. and A&M game. It's pretty much a home game for A&M, but who knows what's really going on with the coaching staff and how much they want to play to win. Also, I'm Big 12 biased and hate the Big 10.

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notorious DEK said...

Tyson hangs in Malibu all the time... give him a ring if you wanna check out the women of Pepperdine University...