Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Legend Continues to Grow?

Yeah, I know Tony Romo (Eastern Illinois) is making his case for one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. He already has an incredible bed post. When a QB gets multiple chances to win a game, let's not swing to hard. Last Sunday's Cowboys/Lions game is just the case. I know what everyone saw and heard about the Cowboy's great come from behind win against the Lions was "the Legend of Tony Romo" continuing to grow. First off, the reliable Jason Hansen missed a 35 yard field goal in the 4th quarter which would have put the Lions up 9 points and therefore never giving Romo a final chance. Yeah, Jason Witten fumbled the ball at the one yard line that would have put the 'Boys up. However, on the Cowboy's winning touchdown drive, Romo was pressured from behind (by the Lions' defense, can you believe it!) and fumbled the ball forward. The loose ball bounced right into a Lions' linebackers hands, and instead of falling on the ball, the linebacker coughed it right back up to the Cowboys. Romo was also fortunate enough to convert on a 4th and 6. I say fortunate because Romo was facing the 31st ranked defense in the NFL. This is the same defense that allowed TE Jason Witten a career day. Coming into the final drive, Witten had already 11 receptions. You would think by now Detroit's defense would have adjusted and maybe stuck a linebacker on Witten every play. NO! Witten catches 4 more passes including the winning TD reception on this final drive. Did Tony Romo win the game against one of the worst defenses in the NFL? Or did Detroit give the game away with their own miscues? Given multiple chances to win a game, just about any QB form Eli Manning to Cleo Lemon (OK, maybe not Cleo Lemon) will make you pay for your mistake. It just gets a little old and cliche when an announcer applauds the courage and skill of a QB and neglects to point out the second chances and bonehead plays by the opposing team. Two weeks ago, Tom Brady was even more fortunate against the Ravens recieving 3 mulligans on his "winning drive."

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