Monday, December 17, 2007

Phins Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!! With my Dolphins having one of the worst season's in the history of the NFL, it's been a long hard year. Throw in the season Brett Farve's having, replacing Dan Marino's legacy in the record books, and it's been really hard to swallow.
Yesterday, however may have been one of the biggest victories in franchise history!

The Phins 22-16 OT win against the dismal Ravens was definitely one of the top 3 Phins wins in my lifetime (the 85 Monday Night victory against the Bears is definitely up there). That's one of the great things about sports. Miami, 0-13, brought a spark of excitement to Dolphins' fans everywhere. I can't recall a game in recent memory that made me so happy and got me pumped up!

Cleo Lemon hooking up with Greg Camarillo (Who!) for 64 yards in OT, feakin awesome. Just when your down in the dumps and things could not get any worse, you get to witness one of the (strikingly odd) best moments in Dolphins history! God bless the Phins!! Now I say, bring on New England and all their cocky players. I have hope! I have faith! Next week would be huge! And if you ask me, the mighty Pats don't seem so mighty anymore. I said three weeks ago, if Miami beat the Patriots, I would streak naked down Westheimer in Houston, Broadway in NYC, or Dodge in Omaha (whatever city I happened to be in at the time).

I said I would do this if the Dolphins were still winless. Because now, I'm not so sure the Pats winning would be a sure thing. If it does happen, I'll be so drunk and happy that anything's possible. Let's go Phins!!!!!!

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