Thursday, December 20, 2007

Detroit Rock City

So the Boston Celtics finally had to play some competition at home. The much over hyped Celtics lost on their homecourt for the first time this season 87-85 to the Detroit Pistons. It seems that Boston has had 20 home games and 2 road games so far this season. The Celtics have only played 2 games outside of the Easter Time Zone. The Big 3 can only get you so far. You need key bench players and maybe a better coach. (Still not sold on Doc Rivers). Last night's loss will probably be a huge momentum swing for the Celtics. Boston has yet to go on a Western Conference trip and now look like maybe the third or even fourth best team in the East. The season has yet to heat up and Boston has benefited from one of the easiest schedules in the NBA.

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Mac G said...

I smell an anti Chowd bias in your words, Mr Tree. Your points are very vaild.

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