Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kentucky Sells Out Rupp Arena For College Gameday

We all know how great College Gameday is for football, but the basketball show must be gaining popularity. So far this season, the show has broken attendance records three times.

First, Clemson brought nearly 7,000. A week later, Manhattan, Kansas broke the record with over 8,000.

And just last weekend in Lexington, the Kentucky faithful sold out Rupp Arena for almost, gulp, 24,000 people! That's the Gameday attendance record for both football and basketball!

The College Gameday football record is debatable. Many say the record is held in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2001 for the Oklahoma/Nebraska game which was No. 1 vs. No. 2, about 20,000. Manhattan, Kansas (again) boasted a crowd of roughly 18,000 during the Bill Snyder era.

But 24,000! That record will not be beat anytime soon. Remember this is attendance for a 11am EST television show leading up to a prime time game 9 hours later!

One thing's for sure, they love their basketball in Kentucky, along with Bourbon, Moonshine and Meth.

I think the loudest the crowd was during the show was when they showed a graphic of Rick Pitino-imagine 24,000 booing their hearts out.

One other thing, John Wall is the real deal! There hasn't been a freshmen run the court so smooth since, Derrick Rose. I mean really, watch out for Kentucky come Tourney time.

The best part of the game may have been everytime Tennessee's J.P Prince had the ball, the crowd shouted, "Tayshaun's better!"

Here's the sold out crowd for College Gameday.

And here's a little treat for you-the Kentucky dance team!