Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Quite the Picture the Dolphins Drew

After watching the legend of Drew Brees grow to astronomical proportions, this past season may have been one of the worst for fans of the Miami Dolphins.

In the last couple of weeks, it has been well documented the Dolphins passed on Brees for one Daunte Culpepper.

After going 9-7 in 2005, the Dolphins' missing piece to a championship was the quarterback position. Miami passed on Brees in favor of Culpepper. Both players were coming off of serious injuries. Nick Saban felt Brees' shoulder was a career threatening injury so made the fateful decision to go with Culpepper.

Culpepper was coming off the 2005 season having started only 7 games and throwing 6 TDs to 12 INTs. Brees was coming off another consistent solid year.

At the start of the 2006 season, the Dolphins were 10-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl. However Culpepper didn't pan out to be the stud that Drew Brees eventually became.

Culpepper went 1-3 for the Dolphins in 2006.

Nick Saban did his patented vanishing trick and left the Dolphins and the entire franchise in shambles.

Of course this led to the disastrous 1-15 2007 train wreck.

Could you imagine if the Miami had taken Brees prior to the 2006 season? Brees would have been surrounded by talent such as the likes of Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Chris Chambers, Wes Welker and Randy McMichael. Oh! That hurts!

As the new decade begins, Nick Saban wins a National Championship in January. And now in February, Drew Brees becomes the face of the NFL and the savior of New Orleans.

On the positive side, this past season the Dolphins played both the Colts and Saints. Both games were played on the Miami's home field, yes the same site as the Super Bowl, and the Dolphins had a legitimate shot of defeating both Super Bowl teams.

In Week 2, Miami lost to the Colts on Monday Night 27-23. The Dolphins had a chance at the end but Chad Pennington was intercepted in the end zone as time expired. Miami seemingly dominated the game as their offense had the ball for 45:07!

Fast forward to Week 7 against the Saints. New Orleans overcame a 21 point deficit to remain unbeaten.

For a Miami Dolphins fan, something positive to take away from the Super Bowl is the fact Miami had both Super Bowl teams up against the ropes but couldn't deliver the knock out punch. The Dolphins just seem to be missing one piece to a championship team, a quarterback. Someone like, uh, maybe Drew Brees.

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