Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jeff Jordan Did Get His Dad's Ups

I've been meaning to get this out (and a lot more other things).

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first venture to Champaign, Illinois for the Sparty/Illini basketball game. It was in the back of mind, but I had totally forgot Michael Jordan's son, Jeff plays for the Illini. You would think this would get more publicity than it does.

Probably doesn't get as much pub because, well, Jeff just isn't that good.

In his third season with Illinois, young Jordan averages 1.7 points a game! No, this time that's not a typo.

Jeff looks nothing like his father. Jeff is listed at 6-1 (he might be 6 ft), obviously doesn't have his father's game.

But when it comes to ups, you can easily understand where the boy came from.

I watched the Illini during pregame warmups. At one point, the team shows off to the Illinois faithful by attempting crazy dunks. This video is of young Jeff and it's pretty cool to watch. The dude's eyes get above the rim.


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