Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Master of His Domain

So and other news...

Yes, the bomb dropped early this morning and every news organization from CNN to Twitter has been blowing up.

Tiger Woods will make his first appearance since the Thanksgiving Tirade at this year's Masters.

Of course Tiger wasn't going to pass on the Masters. The only reason he plays on the PGA is for his sponsors and Major Tournaments. Plus, Tiger needs to get back to the game not only for his self, but for the entire world of golf. This is his first of many steps to move on with his family and professional life.

Of course the PGA needs this more than anything. Has anyone really watched a golf tournament the past 4 months? Has anyone cared? Can anyone name one PGA winner this season?

Exactly! With Tiger out of the game, very few people care.

And now, this year's Masters will easily be the most watched PGA Event Ever! No question! Which makes you wonder if Augusta really wants Tiger back. Golf has always been a Gentleman's Game, and since Tiger broke out, he has taken a lot of that play away. I'm sure Augusta is cringing right now of the thought of the whole media circus which will follow.

ESPN will quadruple it's coverage of the Masters. TMZ will be all over it. Heck, Larry King will probably host his radio show live from the Masters the entire week. Their will be hecklers and derogatory signs in the galleries.

How will Tiger do after over 140 days of not playing competitive golf? A lot people won't be surprised if wins. He juggled 15 women undercover for the past few years, so how will this pressure be any different? So if he does win the Masters, that will only strengthen his legacy.

And of course he loses or fails to make the cut, the headlines will read, "Is Tiger Washed Up?"

Anyway you look at it, Tiger Woods is back! And CBS and the entire PGA are the big winners.

Let's look at Tiger's financial impact on the game when he turned pro in 1996:

Players to earn $1 million: 1996-9 2009-91

Players to earn $2 million: 1996-0 2009-38

Top money winner amount: 1996-$1.78 million 2009-$10.51 million

Cumulative Pursues: 1996-$65.9 million 2009-$277.3 million

(Source: ESPN)

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