Monday, June 9, 2008

Wilbon Wrong Again

I love Tony Kornheiser. But lately, I'm really getting sick of Michael Wilbon. Mainly because the two always make picks, predictions, etc. They're both usually wrong 9 out of 10 times and Kornheiser will fess up to his own mistakes. Heck, in a major event, Wilbon sometimes has no idea and if won't even make a pick.

When Wilbon's wrong one day, you'll never hear about it again. Sometimes Kornheiser nails his buddy and reminds Wilbon that he was wrong.

And of course the one time Wilbon is right, he can't wait to remind everybody he had it right.

This is from PTI's Big Finish on Sportscenter (Monday, 6/9/2008).
Please note the last topic discussed and Wilbon's prediction.
I love how he is so arrogant and stubborn. There's just no way!

And we all know what happened at Dolphin Stadium in Miami less than an hour later.

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